The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP

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The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP The Sex Issue: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Sexuality, Seduction, and Desire by The Editors of goop
Published by Grand Central Life & Style
Genres: Self-Help, Sexual Instruction
Format: ARC
Source: From the Publisher

About the Book

A conversation-sparking book that explores the big questions of sexuality, seduction & sex.

THE SEX ISSUE is an informative, revelatory read that gets at everything we've always wondered about sex and relationships. GOOP editors introduce the experts they rely on, and dive into Q&A's on the ins and outs of sexual health, pleasure, and ways to evolve the conversations we have with ourselves, our partners, and each other.

Part 1, Seduction: Mines the deeper layers of seduction-with suggestions for assessing attraction, reigniting the flame once it's gone out, and navigating dating, unconventional relationship scenarios, the sex toy aisle, and more.
Part 2, Sexuality: Different takes on what sexuality means, looks, and feels like today, and options for tapping into sexual power-including a chapter on strengthening libido and tantric practices to up sexual energy.
Part 3: Doing It: Antidotes to bedroom boredom, the psychology behind oral sex, how to figure out and pursue what you want-and play out fantasies that may seem beyond reach.
Part 4, Orgasm: A closer look at enduring sex myths, with expert advice on closing the orgasm gap, doing away with the pressure to perform, and the benefits of self-pleasure.
Part 5, Sex Ed: Covers the essentials (like clean lube and condoms), hormone health, and how to talk to your partner when something is up-all with an eye toward pleasure (as opposed to just avoiding calamity).

Throughout the book you'll find goopasutra-style takes on the reality of experiences ranging from plain vanilla to ménage à trois, plus personal anecdotes from the GOOP team.


I can’t say that when I first started reviewing books back in 2011 that I ever thought I would be reviewing a book that would fall in the self-help or sexual instruction category.  But then The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP landed on my desk and here we are.  For those of you who are giggling right now, you probably need to read this book.  

The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP is not just about sex, so if you are looking for an instruction manual, then this is not the book for you.  Rather this book is largely about sexuality and relationships and the conversations that we as women, need to be having with our partners and ourselves to ensure we are living our best sex lives.  It is out to clear up myths and misconceptions and generally empower women to find and reclaim their own sexual power.  It’s kind of like Cosmo, but without all the lists of ‘101 ways to please your man’ articles.  The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP explores topics like the difference between private and shared fantasies, and is good porn really a thing? 

If you are expecting to be embarrassed by what you find in the book, put that fear out of your mind.  Instead of something embarrassing or shameful, you have a well thought out book filled with relevant and pertinent information.  The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP is very much written from a ‘western’ viewpoint.  It doesn’t really go into the cultural taboos, norms, and traditions that you find in other areas of the world.  I didn’t find it to be a great book, but at the same time, it’s not a bad one either.  The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP is filled with a lot of common sense that has been fine-tuned to appeal to the masses.  That my friends is a great part of its appeal.  


…when someone things they are the only person strange enough to have fantasy X, they’re not alone–we all tend to fantasize about the same things.

…the last time one of our cars broke down on the side of the road, it didn’t end in a blow job to a stranger who saved the day…

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