Taking a Look at MAC VIVA GLAM Sia


So the other day I managed to catch the MAC VIVA GLAM Sia announcement.  Now while I can’t keep up with the various launches and offerings from MAC because they are just so numerous, I do try and pick up the the MAC VIVA GLAM offerings.  It’s lipstick, which I would buy anyway, and the proceeds benefit a very worthwhile cause.

Sia’s warm, vivid red VIVA GLAM Lipstick in a matte finish.  Honestly, this is a very pretty shade and I can never resist another red lipstick.  This warm toned red leans toward an orange undertone.  I personally don’t think I pull it off very well on it’s own, but when worn with a lipliner, it looks better.  This shades does feather throughout the day, so I recommend wearing it with a lip liner even if the shade works for you on it’s own.  When wearing MAC VIVA GLAM Sia I keep the rest of my makeup minimal and let my lips be the focus.

The formula is the standard MAC Matte formula.  It looks great, but it is so drying.  Make sure you moisturize the hell out of your lips before applying the lipstick because your lips will dry out significantly during the course of the day.  While the lipstick itself can and does last all day, due to the drying characteristics, I recommend that you remove it part way through the day, moisturize and reapply.  Otherwise you should be prepared at the end of the date to exfoliate your lips with a good lip scrub and then mositurize like hell.

MAC VIVA GLAM Sia is available for $22 CAD at your local MAC store.  There is no pro discount available on this lipstick because 100% of the proceeds from it’s sale goes towards helping men, women and children living with HIV/Aids.


MAC VIVA GLAM Sia purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.