Introducing the LELO SONA Sonic Massager

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LELO SONA Sonic Massager

Editor’s note | Fair warning, we are venturing away from the world of beauty, books and movies that are usually featured here on Beauty, Brains +.  Today, we are looking at something for the grown and venturing into the world of sex toys.  So if you are not 18+, or you are, but are embarrassed by such things, then this post is not for you.  You can come back tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programming. |

As a blogger, I get pitched a lot of different products for reviews and features.  I don’t agree to review them all the time, but every now and then I am intrigued enough by the pitch to say ‘yes’.  One such pitch was for the new LELO SONA Sonic Massager ($89.99).  I admit, that I have absolutely zero experience with the brand LELO, so I figured that the launch of a brand new products was a great place to start.  So let’s take a look at the new LELO SONA Sonic Massager that was only released last week.  View Post