Life Lately!

Hey, everyone.  Sorry for the long absence from blogging lately, but life has been just a little bit hectic.  Ok, a lot hectic.  If I’m being honest, and I always try to be honest, my blogging inspiration has been flagging a little late.  Ok, so it’s been flagging a lot lately.  Le sigh!  In any case, I’ve been working out just what direction I want Beauty, Brains + to move in, and what that will look like.  While I don’t have it all quite figured out just yet, I am making steady progress on figuring it all out.

In other news, I am moving!  By the time this post goes live, I will be all moved into my brand new house.  Well mostly moved in, because all of the furniture is still in storage until July 7th!  But at least my bed is here…and my clothes, computer, tv, and makeup.  Priorities people.  The whole building a house thing has been an incredibly long process, so I’m really happy to finally be living in it.  I’ll be blogging about the whole buying a new build home process sometime later this summer.

Blogging is going to slowly return to normal in the coming weeks!  Thanks for sticking with me, and reaching out to find out what’s going on.