Exploring the World of Face Masks with Artifact Skin Co.

Now I absolutely love a good face mask.  It’s probably the only form of self-care that I actually indulge in on a regular basis.  There is something that is just so relaxing and luxurious about a good face mask.  Face masks are always something I have indulged in, but never any one particular brand.  Well all that changed a few years ago at the One of a Kind Show because that is when I began exploring the world of face masks with Artifact Skin Co.

Artifact Skin Co Face Masks
Artifact Skin Co. Face Masks

Launched in 2014, Artifact Skin Co. is a Canadian skincare company with a focus in face masks.  They currently have a line of 6 different face masks to tackle all of your skincare needs:

Each mask retails for $52 CAD for a 50 ml bottle.  Yes, that is on the pricey side as far as face masks go.  Speaking as someone who owns 4 out of the 6 face masks that Artifact Skin Co. has on offer, I can tell say that while they are pricey, they are well worth the money.  Plus they last for quite a long time.  Mine are almost 12 months old and are just now hitting the half way mark.

Each mask can be used once or twice a week.  The exception of the Bali Papaya Rice Mask, which should only be used once a week because it is an exfoliating mask, and the Egyptian Honey Rose Mask that can be used as often as you want.  Each mask is pretty damned close to being 100% natural, and they are not tested on animals and has a shelf life of 12-24 months.

I personally used the Bali Papaya Rice Mask on Friday evenings to help scrub away the work week.  Mid-week will find me using one of the Tahitian Monoï Mud or Moroccan Tangerine Clay Masks, depending on what my skin needs at that moment.  I tend to reserve Sundays are for the Egyptian Honey Rose Mask, adding some much needed hydration to my dry, parched skin and getting it ready to face the week ahead.  I’m serious about my skincare, since I started exploring the world of face masks with Artifact Skin Co., I haven’t looked back.  They are the perfect way for me to relax and indulge myself, while tackling whatever skincare concern I am dealing with. 

Artifact Skin Co. Face Masks

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