DAVIDsTEA Jumpy Monkey Tea | #24DaysofTea Day 2

DAVIDsTEA Jumpy Monkey Tea

DAVIDsTea  Jumpy Monkey Tea is a rich yerba maté blend with coffee beans, cocoa nibs and white chocolate.  Dear lord does this one ever smell absolutely amazing.  To me it smells like coffee, which is great because I love the smell of coffee.  I don’t much like the actual taste of coffee, but the smell is amazing.  DAVIDsTea  Jumpy Monkey Tea is a stimulant tea, which means there is a lot of caffeine in it.  For those of you who need that jolt of caffeine in the morning, this is the tea for you.

DAVIDsTEA Jumpy Monkey Tea

It’s so far, so good when it comes to DAVIDsTea  Jumpy Monkey Tea.  It smells divine, and has lots of caffeine making it a perfect first thing in the morning tea.  Now while I love the scent of this one, I tasted it with my fingers crossed hoping against hope that it didn’t actually taste like coffee.  Well my prayers were answered because the despite containing actual coffee beans in DAVIDsTea  Jumpy Monkey Tea, the taste of coffee is very, very faint.

Final Verdict

I can’t lie, I am pretty likely to repurchase DAVIDsTea  Jumpy Monkey Tea, if only for the scent alone.  Luckily for me, I love the taste as well 😉

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