The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP

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The Sex Issue by the Editors of GOOP The Sex Issue: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Sexuality, Seduction, and Desire by The Editors of goop
Published by Grand Central Life & Style
Genres: Self-Help, Sexual Instruction
Format: ARC
Source: From the Publisher

About the Book

A conversation-sparking book that explores the big questions of sexuality, seduction & sex.

THE SEX ISSUE is an informative, revelatory read that gets at everything we've always wondered about sex and relationships. GOOP editors introduce the experts they rely on, and dive into Q&A's on the ins and outs of sexual health, pleasure, and ways to evolve the conversations we have with ourselves, our partners, and each other.

Part 1, Seduction: Mines the deeper layers of seduction-with suggestions for assessing attraction, reigniting the flame once it's gone out, and navigating dating, unconventional relationship scenarios, the sex toy aisle, and more.
Part 2, Sexuality: Different takes on what sexuality means, looks, and feels like today, and options for tapping into sexual power-including a chapter on strengthening libido and tantric practices to up sexual energy.
Part 3: Doing It: Antidotes to bedroom boredom, the psychology behind oral sex, how to figure out and pursue what you want-and play out fantasies that may seem beyond reach.
Part 4, Orgasm: A closer look at enduring sex myths, with expert advice on closing the orgasm gap, doing away with the pressure to perform, and the benefits of self-pleasure.
Part 5, Sex Ed: Covers the essentials (like clean lube and condoms), hormone health, and how to talk to your partner when something is up-all with an eye toward pleasure (as opposed to just avoiding calamity).

Throughout the book you'll find goopasutra-style takes on the reality of experiences ranging from plain vanilla to ménage à trois, plus personal anecdotes from the GOOP team.

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