Atelier Cologne | Necessaire Nomade Gift Set

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift SetAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set

So I have been stalking Atelier Cologne for a long time.  I gaze at their different scents on the website, I stop and try to smell the scents when I’m in-store, and just generally lust after them and try to decide just which of the scents I am going to get.  Here’s where I run into a problem.  When I’m in Sephora, I have a very hard time smelling and differentiating between anything but the strongest of scents.  They are all so close together in-store that more often than not, what I think I’m smelling, I’m really not smelling and when I get it home, I invariably don’t like the scent I bought or it doesn’t smell like it did in-store because in-store I was smelling a mix of different scents all at once.  And because I absolutely hate returning anything, once I buy it, I usually end up keeping it, even if I don’t like it.  But I resolved to stop doing this earlier in the year.  I decided to only buy things I really liked so here is where the  Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set  comes in.  For a price of $55 CAD, I am able to test out 8 different scents from Collection Azur line from Atelier Cologne without spending a fortune.  I consider this a win my friends.  Invariably, I am not going to like all of the scents, but when you figure that this set is about $6.87 per 0.14 oz fragrance in this set, it’s not too much of a hit financially if you don’t like one of the scents.  So what do I think of the various scents in the Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set?  Well follow me and I’ll let you know.

Atelier Cologne Necassire Nomade Gift Set Vanille InsenséeAtelier Cologne Necassire Nomade Gift Set Vanille Insensée

In Vanille Insensée, an electrical current runs through the subtle sweetness of vanilla, jasmine, and fresh lime to bond with rich oak moss, woods, and spicy coriander.

Vanille Insensée is light flirty, feminine scent.  This one is right up my alley considering I love both vanilla and jasmine scents.  I personally can’t really detect the fresh lime in this one, but I would suspect that it prevents Vanille Insensée from being way too cloying and sweet.  This to me is either a date night scent or a snuggling in front of the fire with your significant other kind of scent.  It’s not meant to be worn everyday, but would work wonders for a special and intimate occasion.  It’s perfect for those cold winter nights and the wear time isn’t bad either.  I got about 5 hours out of this one before it started to fade, but it does cling to clothing nicely.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Cédrat EnivrantAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Cédrat Enivrant

Designed primarily around citrus notes, the traditional ingredients of a cologne, and inspired by the French 75 cocktail, Cédrat Enivrant is for lovers of lemon and gin notes.

Cédrat Enivrant is not one I would have expected to like at all.  If you had asked me when I was buying the scent to pick at least one scent I was guaranteed to not like, without having smelt it, it would be Cédrat Enivrant.  But that would have been wrong.  While it is by no means my favourite scent in the set, Cédrat Enivrant is an amazing fresh and lively scent.  When I wear it, it makes me feel like it’s time to get up and go.  This scent is vibrant and it is not for the timid.  It is not overpowering, but there is a freshness to it that makes you think of a nice crisp fall morning.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Orange SanguineAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Orange Sanguine

Orange Sanguine, a zesty and energizing burst of crushed ripe fruit, plays sweet blood orange juice against bitter orange peel and sensual notes of geranium.

Orange Sanguine is another surprise for me.  I typically don’t like the scent of oranges and usually stay away from orange themed fragrances.  This one surprisingly isn’t bad.  It’s not strong or overpowering, but while I can say that I don’t hate it, I don’t see myself buying a full-sized version of it.  I think this would be perfect for the ladies who lunch crowd because something about it reminds me of having brunch with my girlfriends.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Pomélo ParadisAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Pomélo Paradis

Pomélo Paradis is a new and unexpected fragrance experience. Fresh and sparkling pomelo from Florida floats over rich notes of blackcurrant bud and the complexity of Haitian vetiver.

Pomélo Paradis is simply gorgeous.  I love both grapefruit (a Pomelo is a large grapefruit) and blackcurrant, so it’s no surprise that I love this one.  The blackcurrant prevents Pomélo Paradis from being entirely too citrus, which is a good thing, because then you end up smelling like a glass of juice.  The Haitian vetiver gives Pomélo Paradis a bit more depth and prevents this one from being too fresh and light.  It is still great as an everyday scent and would probably work for most people.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Mandarine GlacialeAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Mandarine Glaciale

Mandarine Glaciale is a citrus, fresh fragrance with notes of mandarin from Calabria, ginger from China, and heart of vetiver from Haiti.

Mandarine Glaciale smells like soap to me.  Really expensive soap, but soap all the same.  While it is my least favourite scent in the entire Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set it is actually less citrus that you would expect.  I have smelt this one before as it is the one that Sephora offers as a sample when you purchase online.  I’m not sure why they are pushing it so hard as it’s a much ‘older’ scent and way, way too strong.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Sud MagnoliaAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Sud Magnolia

Sud Magnolia is a floral and fresh fragrance with notes of magnolia from Louisiana, bitter orange from Seville, and atlas cedarwood from Morocco.

Sud Magnolia is another surprise because this is the type of scent that usually gives me a headache.  Indeed it is still not a scent that I would use everyday if I’m being honest, but it would be perfect for a black tie function when I have to pretend to be an adult.  It is very floral and very strong.  The magnolias definitely give it a ‘southern’ kind of scent, but instead of southern belle, I would categorize this one as southern battle-axe.  This is the scent you put on when going to war wearing your pearls and a butter wouldn’t melt smile.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Figuier ArdentAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Figuier Ardent

Figuier Ardent is a woody and floral fragrance with notes of fig leaf from Provence, bergamot from Calabria, and cedarwood from Virginia.

Figuier Ardent is the one I probably would have bought even without smelling it.  I myself wouldn’t described it as a woody floral fragrance.  Personally it makes me think of being at the lake, and anything water related is alright by me.  I like that it seems to be a bit more on the unisex side.  It isn’t too sweet, but it isn’t too woody making this a great weekend scent.

Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Cèdre AtlasAtelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set Cèdre Atlas

Cèdre Atlas is a woody and citrus fragrance with notes of atlas cedarwood from Moroccan rif, lemon from Sicily, and white amber.

Cèdre Atlas is one I don’t like at all.  The cedarwood in this one is really strong which makes it very, very masculine.  Much too masculine for me to pull off myself.  It smells a bit on the sharp side and it is one that even if it is being worn by a man, you need to be careful with.  Too much of Cèdre Atlas and you will knock out a whole room of people.

So there you have it.  Out of the 8 scents found in the Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set  I like 5 of them and will certainly be purchasing at least three of them in the coming months.  I think the Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set provided me a great way to introduce myself to what is offered from Atelier Cologne and I am definately excited to check out more of what the brand has to offer.  The Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade Gift Set retails for $55 CAD and is available at Sephora and