Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set


I am so, so bad.  I’ve literally been sitting on these since sometime last summer.  It’s another case of buy it and forget about it.  But I guess it isn’t as bad as it could be because the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set ($28 USD) is still available for purchase.  In any case, this Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set is my first forray into the world of Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip products and when I bought it, I certainly hoped that it would live up to the hype.  Long story shot; they do, and they have very quickly earned HG status with me. So let’s take a look at these bad boys.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - St. Tropez

St. Tropez is described as an iridescent rose gold, and it’s probably the most unique shade in the bunch.  It looks amazing in the tube, but I was skeptical that it would still look as good on my lips.


Then I put it on, and good lord, it’s amazing.  I don’t currently own anything comparable, in terms of shade, and it really is the perfect go to shade for summer.  Honestly, if St. Tropez is released in a full-sized version, I will gladly pick up one for my collection.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - Blushing

Blushing is described as soft pink.  While it is a pretty shade, it’s also the lightest in the set so it was guranteed to give me pause.  Not only is it a light shade, but it’s also very cool toned, which doesn’t often work for me so I tend to stay away from it.

And I was right because while it is pretty, Blushing is far too light for me to be able to just pull off.  It looks alright when you apply it, but when you catch it in in the sunlight or with the flash on the camera and it’s not a good look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - Grape Jelly

Grape Jelly is described as a vivid blue purple.  This one us a stunner, both in the tube and on the lips.  But Grape Jelly is not for the faint of heart because this bad boy is bright.

Now while I love Grape Jelly, this is not a daytime shade for me.  Due to both the brightness and the size of my lips, I find that this shade can be a little overpowering when worn during the day.  But man does it look amazing when worn on a night on the town.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - Toffee
Toffee is described as a light warm brown, and like Blushing, this was another shade that I was kind of concerned about.  Neutrals are so difficult to get right, so Toffee had the potential to either be really good or really bad.

Luckily for me, Toffee turned out to be one of those really good neutral shades.  It’s not too warm, which makes it blend into my skin tone.  It’s also not too cool, which prevents my lips looking too raw.  Instead, Toffee is the perfect mix that makes it a great everyday shade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - Caramel
Caramel is described as a soft, pink-y brown.  Right off the mark, you can tell that this one will be a warmer version of Toffee.  Warmer, but not necessarily darker in tone.

Indeed, it turns out that Caramel is indeed warmer than Toffee, but still on the lighter side as far as shades go.  While the shade itself is flattering on my skin tone, it is a pain to apply.  It doesn’t apply very evenly at all, and getting it to look consistent takes far too long.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set - Tango
Tango is described as crushed berry.  While St. Tropez was the most unique shade in the bunch, Tango is actually my favourite.


Tango is not a bright and vibrant as Grape Jelly, but in this case, that is a good thing.  It’s not so ‘in your face’ and still suitable for me to wear in the daytime.  It’s a really pretty shade and has become one of my more reached for shades.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss Set ($28 USD) has been a solid investment for me.  Not only has it introduced me to what is now one of my favourite lip gloss formulas, but it allowed me to try out six different shades for a great price, even with the exchange rate.  And of course, two of the six shades, St. Tropez and Grape Jelly are scheduled to be released in Summer 2017 as full-sized versions.

This post contains affiliate links, but all products were purchased by me.

  • Lovely review. I’ve not tried any lip products from ABH, but these look promising! I’ll have to give them a look 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • I’ve recently become obsessed with the ABH lip glosses. Wish this set was available on Sephora! Did you get any duties added to your order?

    • I love the ABH lip glosses. I especially love the mini sets, and I agree with you; they should be available on Sephora.

      You do have to pay taxes/duties on your order from

      They ship through Purolator or FedEx, and that is a guarantee that customs will be applied. It’s not usually more than $20, but that depends on how much you order. I suggest ordering everything you want that you can’t get here, so you can pay just one fee.